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Monday, October 18, 2004


Some of my friends parents claim that they are not racist, but when faced with the fact that their children are dating with someone from different race, they would object. I even know one case where the girl are being slapped by the parents because of it.

I would conclude that the above pattern can be used to prove whether you are a racist or not.

It is as simple as asking yourself:

If you have a kid, and he or she is dating people from other racial group, how would you react. If you object - based on the racial difference-, then you are a racist.

Oh, the same principle also applies for religious difference.

For both question, Indi and I agree that would not object our child be hindered by racial or religious difference. We would object if the person our child is dating is a rapist, a corrupt person, liar, materialistic, hypocrit, etc, etc. Our judgement would not be based on color skin, ethnicity, or belief.

Ask yourself, are you a racist?

And if you are a racist, how pathetic. This is the third millenium, for God's sake!


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