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Sunday, September 12, 2004

My Third Degrees of Separation

I realised that yes indeed the world is getting smaller. Why did I come into this realisation? I just realised that I am only third degree away from George W. Bush, who may be considered as world's most influential (and hated) man today.

What is third degrees of separation means? Each degree of separation represents a connection between two people who know one another. Based on the theory of "Six degree of separation" all the people in the world are connected via six degree of separation. This theory is currently being tested by Small World Experiment Project. In my case, my connection with George W. Bush is only Third Degrees away, less than six degrees! How does this happen?
  • The first degree is my connection to my Aunt Paula Wirjawan.
  • The second degree is Aunt Paula connection to Paul Wolfowitz. They know each other quite closely when Mr. Wolfowitz was U.S. ambassador in Indonesia. Mr. W gave Aunt Paula a dog as a present. This dog stays in Aunt Paula's home until it passed away.
  • The third degree is Paul Wolfowitz's connection to George W. Bush. Of course, they know each other closely.
This does not mean I know George W. Bush, or even Paul Wolfowitz. But third degree of separation is actually closer than I expected.

Maybe we now can think about a game. Think of somebody famous, and think how would you get connected to him. How many degrees can it be? The result may be surprising!

Anyways, this is how we commemorate September 11th. We went to have seafood lunch at Hwa Zhu Seafood Restaurant in Farrer HDB. Mas Gita and family treated us for this lunch, to celebrate Indi's birthday. Shown in the picture below is Mbak Sita, who was stranded on her way to Manchester. Her plane broke down the previous night and she had to stay overnight in Singapore to take the next flight to Manchester. Her disappointment of lousy experience with the delayed flight disappears after we had this great lunch. She thought being stranded was a blessing in disguise! We had Chili Crab and Pepper Crab with Deep Fried Mantou. It was fabulous, and the service was quite good.


At 18/9/04 02:31, ibam said...

that makes me forth degree away.. gosh :D
how are you two doing? kalo fiskal jadi ditiadakan, kayanya esti dan gua bisa mengunjungi singapur.. hehe.. doakan ya :)


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