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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Rants and Avocado Milo Smoothie

When we bought Gas yesterday, we were surprised to find out that the price has increased. As the Gas-man told me, all price increased since the new PM started. Hmm I didn't noticed this until he told me about it! Similarly, when I went to grocery store, the price of a lot of food items has silently increased (aside to the poultry and egg double-price increase due to chicken ban in malaysia). Perhaps when the new government announced all the nice perks and bonuses that made people happy, silently and subtly they increase the price of stuff at the background.

Yesterday afternoon, minister announced all the measures and bonuses to boost baby birth rate. I wasn't so surprised to find out that the benefit are only applicable for Singaporean. Fair enough, I thought, they wouldn't want to give cash bonus to Permanent Residents that could eventually leave Singapore anyway.

The only thing that I am disappointed with, and that's because it reflects unequal role of men and women in raising the child, is that the extra four weeks leave is only applicable to women. The government did not go all the way to emphasis to the people on gender role equality, I assume that's because they do not want to lose productivity of their male workers. I think a small step to reflect gender role equality is to make the four-week-government-paid leave to be an option that can be taken either by the father or the mother. For example, the father could elect to take four week leave until the baby is one month old, because this is the most crucial period while baby is still not adapted normal biological clock. Or the father could also elect to work half-time over the period of the eight weeks after the baby is born, in order to help his wife with infant care when the wife is taking her mandatory 8-week maternity leave. Moreover, since the four weeks is a flexible option, the mother can also elect to take the additional 4 weeks all for herself.

Why do I recommend to also share the leave with the father? Firstly, because I personally think 8 weeks maternity leave for women can be considered sufficient, plus now it is also supplemented by increased subsidy in infant care. Secondly, the equal role of father in child-rearing will therefore be emphasised stronger and would imply to equal role of men and women in general.

OK that's my rants on communal issues for now.

This morning I couldn't have a hot meal breakfast since I couldn't open the jar that contains carrot cream soup I made last night. I guess this happens because we pour the hot soup into the jar and close the lid when it's still hot. As a result, having stored in the fridge over night, the cap shrank and gripped too tightly to the jar. I guess I should've poured hot water on top of the cap to try to open it, but I just don't have time to do that. Finally I just made a quick smoothie:

Avocado Milo Smoothie
  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 4 tbs of Milo
  • 1 glass of milk
  • some ice cubes

Put all ingredients into the blender and mix until smooth. This made a fast, rich and fulfilling breakfast drinks. You can also changed the avocado with two pieces of banana.


At 6/9/04 23:26, prabir ghose said...

i live in india. you in indonesia. have you ever come to india? i have a number of blogs which might create some form of interest in you to visit india!! – superannuation woes – down memory lane – face to face – fig leaf days –sexy getaway – up and down – search for gold – the sweet tooth – peekaboo

At 8/9/04 20:40, Anonymous said...

Rani, Indi, is that gas for your kitchen or gas for the car? :-D



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