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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Failed Bolu Kukus

I tried to make Bolu Kukus, but it was a total failure! The batter looked and tasted OK. However, the paper cups was flattened due to the moisture of the steamer and this caused the batter to spill all over. To prevent this I hand to pull the paper cups, and this means I had to open the steamer. Apparently this prevented the cake to expand. However, Masindi's theory is different. He said, the honey I put into the batter had caused the batter to be too heavy.

We are having high school reunion. Riza came first and brought us two sets of Martabak! When he came, I was in the middle of my frustration of having failed Bolu Kukus! But then he tried my failed Bolu and he liked it (although he said it tasted and looks like Serabi instead of Bolu Kukus). Anyway, I finally made colorful chocolate pancakes from the batter.


At 9/8/04 02:18, aditya liviandi said...

bikin bolu kukus itu ga pake alas yah?
bukannya harus pake cetakan trus baru kertasnya ditaro di dalem cetakannya itu?

At 9/8/04 02:19, aditya liviandi said...

itu di sembawang mrt station ada kok yang jual...
di bawahnya itu yang toko bahan bahan buat bikin kue...


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