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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Hello, Butterfly!

My sister-in-law Siska wrote:

Isn't it amazing how little kids are so fascinated by the littlest things that barely catch our attention? Every chance he has, my 3-year-old son takes the time to stop and look at flowers, trees, butterflies, ants, spiders, grass, birds... even some funny-looking rocks.

To encourage his communication skills, I often ask him about the color, size, and other simple facts about the objects that he sees. I also ask him to greet the critters he sees. I don't know why I do this, but it has the most pleasant effect on him. He smiles whenever he says, "Hello, ants!" or "Good morning, birds!" or "Hello cute butterfly". It doesn't upset him at all that the critters don't greet him back, but rather fly or crawl away and mind their own business.

A genuine friendliness is shown in his face. He's happy and content in the friendly little world that he created. As he turns his attention to other things -- although he seems oblivious to what just happened -- his smile and good mood linger.

I tried to understand his simple yet profound happiness, to put words that could explain how and why and what I find amazing in such a naive mind of a child. Maybe it's the openess of the mind; the simplicity it craves, away from the wants, the plans, the worries that clutter our daily lives; maybe it's the feeling that we get when we accept things the way they are and be grateful for them, such feeling we get when we take the time to stop and greet God's creations... or maybe, it's just good to be friendly.

As I was sitting in my car waiting for the stop sign, an orange butterfly fluttered across my windshield. My son wasn't there in the backseat to point at it and greet it, so I say, "hello, butterfly". I know I didn't look cute talking to a bug, but who cares, it made me feel good.

-Siska/Juli 2004


At 26/7/04 21:50, Anonymous said...

Yuhu Rani! Sip deh dah pindah websitenya ke server baru hehe. -Fairy


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