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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Baby Names?

Actually we've been thinking of some names ever before this little guy is conceived. One thing for sure, it has to have a hawaiian element in it (that's where we got engaged). Lemme just put down some of the names we've been thinking.
  • Aina (Hawaiian): The earth / motherland
  • Lani (Hawaiian): The sky / heaven
  • Noia (?): Bliss / the state of bliss
  • Neruda: The famous poet, of course! or alternatively, Kundera?
  • Aidan: Little fire that brings warmth to the family
  • Others, like, Hawaiian name Moana, Keoni, Ikaika, or Indian ones like Vidhya, Kamma

Any advice? please! please! suggest some names by writing it down in the Comments section below. We'd like to expand our name alternatives. Perhaps we'll give you a Surprise when the name you suggested is being selected later on next year, God's willing!


At 18/7/04 01:30, Blogger avianto said...

All Hawaiian:

Leia (Child of Heaven)
Makana (Gift)
Ekela/Akela (Noble)
Kaela/Kaila (Bright/Beauty)

baru kepikiran itu...

At 18/7/04 01:48, Blogger Sourish Dey said... have a wonderful site there. I am still experimenting with my one at
Your blog is a wonderfully personal one. Carry on.
As far as names go I can suggest a few Indian names like...I guess it is going to be a male names:
Kirtiman (achiever)

At 18/7/04 17:05, Blogger esti said...

Hi guys...first, congratulation about your pregnancy
here are some names I think nice and blissful :
dirayati (arab)= knowledge (expect a genius!)
hana (japanese) = flower (girls only i guess)
janna (jannatun, arab) = heaven( your own paradise..)
lintang (javanese) = star(consider night delivery)
well there they are, hope they might help :)
i let you know as soon as I come up with some other

At 19/7/04 10:20, Blogger CrnL said...

hai,salam kenal!blogna alus euy.isi dan warnanya menentramkan hati... :)

At 20/7/04 18:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

kayla atau tristan...

At 21/7/04 22:00, Blogger Rita Padawangi said...

hello raniii, congratulations on your pregnancy! i like the idea of a hawaiian name... here are my suggestions:

Lana (calm as still water) --> namanya bagus tapi artinya calm banget yah :p -- girl
Lani (sky, heaven) -- girl
Noelani (beautiful girl from heaven) -- girl
Leilani (heavenly child) -- boy/girl
Kane (tribute, warrior; the doubly-accomplished, golden; man, the eastern sky; beautiful) -- my favorite for a boy's name!
Bane (long-awaited child) -- boy ... suits the story of this pregnancy? ;)
Meka (eyes) -- boy


At 28/7/04 23:52, Blogger merlyna lim said...

Why not Indrani? or Indira? hehehe.
Atau Hawaiian name for Indi kalo cowo: Ineki
& Hi'i name for Rani kalo cewe: Lani

Btw, here are my favorite Hawaiian names:
Kei/Kai - sea/willow tree
Keila/Keilani/Kailani - sea & sky (?)
Alika - truthful
Keon/Keona - God's gracious gift

Congrats again, ya!

At 30/7/04 19:10, Blogger Gede Antara said...

Bagaimana kalau yang berhaluan kiri sebagai berikut. Beberapa nama berikut sudah ada yang pake

Fajar Merah
Setyaning Rakyat
Bibit Waluyo
Fitri Nganthi Wani
Genjer Geger Wani
Banteng Amuk Kesudiarjo
Arit Palu Berdikari
Baris Tani Marhaen
Widji Thukul
Kamerad Kliwon


At 24/8/04 12:40, Blogger hisma said...

hai ut,.. happy that you will have baby.. nanti temenan ya ama anak gue :-P
I would suggest :
hana =bunga (japanese)
aozora=langit biru (japanese)
Yuki =brave (japanese)
arinna= smart (arabian)
azalea =bunga azalea

At 12/4/09 20:20, Blogger ericwa said...

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