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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Blackout 29 June 04

I am so disappointed by the way the the local media described the cause of the 29 june blackout. A short sentence that continously run in ChannelNewsAsia titlebar said: "Blackout in most area caused by disrupted gas supply from Indonesia".

The next day, a friend who works in energy sector informed me that indeed the gas comes from indonesia, however the blackout was caused by tripped valve in the receiving side, that is, in the Singapore side.

I decided to check the info to my friend who works in the StraitsTimes

Hi, what caused the blackout?

Valve on gas pipeline tripped n backup systm faild 2 work

The info i got frm word of mouzh is that the tripped valve is in singapore. However, news blames indonesian disruption of gas supply. i feel news hasn't objectively presented the whole pic, that the blackout is also partly singapore's mistake, not just indonesia's. It's grossly oversimplified

well its called politics


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