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Thursday, June 17, 2004

To continue with our previous posting of "mediocre service" in singapore, somehow this week we were all cursed with getting bad service all the time.

First, when we were having pizza hut in Jurong East. The waiter forgot to get his notebook to take down our orders, and even that, he still repeat our orders three times, and never get it completely right! Then when the meals came, he did not put it in front of us. He just put the food on the edge of the table and expceted us to pass on the plate to the right person. Then when we were running out of water, he did not immediately fill out our glass until we ask him to do so.

Second time, when we were having lunch in Cafe Galilee, Jurong East Regional Library. First, the food is expensive, relative to the quality and the quantity of the servings. Second, the service is damn slow. It is so slow, so that Indi decided to cancel his order. And the response of the waitress was, "Oh you can't cancel your order, we have made it, and it will be ready in no time. Please understand, we are having a lot of orders right now, that is why your thing takes a long time". Oh Cmon! if you can't handle the orders, don't set up a cafe! What a lame excuse for bad service..."having too many orders"??? Better close business!

And third, in a taxi. We were so tired working overtime, so we decided to take a cab home. When we arrived, we paid the fare accordingly. Few seconds later, we decided to ask for receipt. To our surprise, the cabbie started to grumble, "Next time, ha, when you want receipt you better say it quickly! I almost press the button to cancel your receipt, because you take so long to ask for it!" Wah, amazing isn't it? A provider of service who get angry and blamed the customer? Hence me, being too tired, freaked out immediately. I blasted out at him, roughly like this, "Don't you talk like that to your customer! What is wrong with asking the receipt only later? What a bad service you are providing, you should never blame a customer, because customer is king!". Of course i added some swearwords to it too. But, i mean, what is so difficult of printing a receipt? Moreover, the problem is so trivial, that you would not need to be angry at your customer! What a pathetic service. I wished I took down the cab number so I can put it on the web for everyone to see.

What is wrong with people here, why is it so difficult to provide a good and courteous service? we are always amazed to find good service here, because it is a bit rare in here.


At 30/6/04 21:07, Anonymous said...

people make mistakes. don't assume everything is their fault. be patient.

At 1/7/04 13:49, Anonymous said...

ran, ndi... memang orang sini gitu... suka lupa kalau mereka itu pelayan. dan satu lagi yg aku pelajari, emang budaya mereka utk ngomong biasa itu sambil marah marah. udah tabiat. gak bisa di rubah.

BTW,di receiptnya ada lho nomer taxinya.


At 8/11/04 00:28, Anonymous said...

Firstly it's you these people that makes the world stressful. You want the food to be made fast then why not either got to Mac Donald's or juz simply get a cup of instant noodle if yiu really want it to be that fast. Haven't you heard that cooking is an art too? It's meant to be appreciated. And fine dining doesn't come in excessive amount. We should enjoy what we do and take pride in what we do so pls don blame people for juz not being able to entertain you!!!! And if you can't finish your assignments in time why don you juz quite your job huh? PATIENCE PAYS. There's nothing wrong with the people here. You are the ones that have something wrong. So petty in everything. So what if the customers pay? Does that mean they have the right to treat people like their slaves or curse at them? Sucks. So studying too much doesnt help you much in your manners huh? Do you have to think very long before you ask for a receipt? Drivers need to rush for time to be able to fetch more customers and you people can only decide whether you want or don't want the receipt at the spot! You think people got so much time to spare huh? Anyway i am also a customer but i know when to use my rights.

At 9/11/04 19:16, Rani said...

Hi anonymous, I respect your right to speak your mind! Thank you for your response, it surely made me happy that I received a response of my posting. I am really excited if we can talk openly and you can of course point out where I have been wrong. And I sincerely apologize if I have offended some, but puhleazzee, this blog is our personal journal and of course I am also free to speak up my mind too :>

(Bear in mind that this is a blog and I put down my rants as it comes into my mind, realtime. As it is a blog you can also see other postings of mind and not taking my one posting out of context)

However, how disappointing that you have to be so afraid of putting your real name and email address? Please, don't be so "typical" to only speak up your mind only when you are anonymous. That really makes you seemed a big coward, pardon me, and this saddens me, really.


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