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Monday, March 29, 2004

The second day in Minang starts with a stroll along the Anai golf course, which is located in a very unique setting : in the middle of tropical jungle. The scenery was breathtaking - there are layers and layers of mountains and valleys! There are a lot of monkeys that will throw back the out-of-bound golf balls. Wild boars dig holes along the fairway to look for worm. The fairway constantly needs repair and maintenance due to wild boar attack. We end our walk with a great breakfast in the clubhouse: Fried Noodle, Noodle Soup, and the most delicious oxtail soup (needs a pinch more salt).

We drove northward to Paya Kumbuh to Minang Cultural Museum, which is a replica of traditional Minang Village with its traditional carving and grass covered roof. The museum had a great collection of old photos, in which we were able to find my Incik (great grandmother) and my Oma (grandma) when they were very young. The museum also rented out traditional minang dress which we can wear and take pictures with. Finally, under the pressure of Pak Hindro, Bu Tuti, and Bu Wies, Mas Indi and I rented traditional minang wedding dress. Since we have done our Javanese wedding rites, now is our chance to fulfil my Minang origin by wearing traditional Minang dress.

We then continued to Pak Datuk Restaurant where we had lunch and I had a great Jengkol Curry!

The lunch made all of us very sleepy and we slept in our car while the ladies (Bu Tuti, Bu Wies, and Tante Paula) went shopping and buying some Minang craftwork. We took a break in Novotel coffee shop and I had Kopi Talua, which is a glass of black coffee mixed with raw eggs. The result is like Capuccinno, with froth on top and creamy texture from the beaten egg. Too bad it was raining heavily and we could not make our way to Jam Gadang.


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