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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Mas Indi, Leonard, and I had breakfast in Little India in a South Indian restaurant with Melissa Kwee. We were introduced to David Cohen, from Berkeley War Crimes Studies Center who is in charge for East Timor Human Rights tribunal. For this special breakfast occassion, Mas Indi specially put on his UN East Timor polo shirt :> We were all chatting about development problems in Indonesia and East Timor, on which Melissa is working with UNIFEM Singapore.

Later I went out to work (yes indeed, on Sunday), settle some things for Charrette preparation. The project team had a meeting with the consultants in Alphabet Bar Amara Hotel (again, on Sunday).

That night, we were invited to have dinner and jam session in Gita's residence, with Bob James and his group! Harvey Mason was also there! Too bad, they were all too tired to play that night after dinner. Nevertheless, Bruno, Hari, Mario, and mas Gita showed up their skills, and Daniel joined them with his guitar.

This is my picture with Bob James


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