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Monday, February 02, 2004

Last saturday (31 January) we held a lunch gathering at home inviting the members of Singapore Chapter. Full coverage can be found here (in indonesian language). We made Tongseng (Javanese Mutton Curry) and Gado Gado (boiled vegetable salad with peanut sauce). Earlier that morning, I found a green caterpillar munching my lime tree away. Initially I wanted to just kill this little monster. But, the little animal was so cute, that all the photographers who came for the lunch started to take out their camera and tried to take macro shot of that poor little guy. At the end of the day, I decided to adopt this little caterpillar in order to save my lime tree, and fed the little guy with lime leaves from Pierre's lime tree.

At 6pm we all continued to walk through the abandoned HDB land to take the bus to orchard road. We intended to take pictures of Chingay parade.

Indi and I arrived just before seven and found a nice spot in front of Mandarin hotel where we met Adi (he brought us a bottle of Bailey's from airport). It is a nice spot because our view was not blocked by the chair stage (those chair stages were intended for people who pay for the seat). We waited, and waited, and the parade which was supposed to start at 7pm did not start until 8pm. And later we found out that the parade participants were only performing in front of the chair stages! When the parade participants passed in front of us, they were only, well, walking by and waving at us. But they did not perform their full stunt for us. This is disappointing. As Masindi told me, even the parade in NYC does not treat non-paying-member-of-audience differently. I guess I wouldn't want to go to Chingay parade anymore. At 9pm we gave up and continued to take MRT to City Hall and had dinner with Adi's Sri Lankan friends in Chinese-Thai Restaurant at the Capitol Building.

In the morning, I checked out Cattie, our little caterpillar. She's so cute when she is eating, she eats the lime leaf just like eating pop corn. And after finishing one leaf, she took a break and poo. Her poo is in the shape of small balls with 1.5 milimeter diameter. I can't believe that this little thing manages to eat leaf that is about her body size.

On Sunday we invited some friends to enjoy Mutton Curry, Sambal Telur, and Salad. We plan to put the pictures and story here, but I haven't figured out where I should store the picture to link back to this blog. And it is late, we are going to sleep now. Tomorrow is not public holiday anymore (I wish it is still holiday!)


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