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Monday, July 14, 2003

I had lunch with Azlin in NUS Arts Canteen. As usual, I was having Japanese Salmon Teriyaki. I personally think that the Japanese Food Stall is the best in NUS! Azlin gave me a pack of Aroma Coffee that Henry brought from Bandung. This is a very unique coffee that is stored and aged for 8 years to eliminate the acidity and increase the robustness / body. Even now, Mr. Widya is still using firewood to roast the coffee for two hours to full perfection, without any additive or chemicals. We gave some sampler to our neighbours. Even Mike Willie who has espresso machine complimented this Coffee. I think Kopi Aroma is the best coffee in the world!

I also met with Prima after lunch and we ended up having some coffee with JW in Engineering Canteen.

Later in the evening, while Mas Indi was having dinner with Minister Jayakumar, Minister Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and the whole US-Asean guys in Shangri-La Hotel, I was struggling in CASA Lab in NUS trying to make ArcGIS Editing works without crashing. On the other corner Simon was playing WarCraft in his SGI Computer!


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