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Friday, July 11, 2003

Yesterday Uman showed me the website of his son, Aidan Prasojo, who was born June 10th, 2003.

The name Aidan originated from Celtic word which means the little fire that gives warmth to the family. Such a beautiful name! Indi and I will consider that name for our future son.

We have several other choices for names. For girls: Lalita (to be natural), Lani (Hawaiian - the sky or heaven), Aina (Hawaiian - the earth or motherland), Moana (Hawaiian). For boys: Kamma (as in Kamma Sutra), Neruda (from the Poet in the movie Il Postino), Keoni (Hawaiian), Vidhya (Indian of Widya). Any suggestion for other names, please do not hesitate to post us some advice by writing in our guestbook.

It is nice to know that we have such a great neighbour! I bumped into Karyn this morning (and Sacha the dog!) and she complimented my mutton tongseng curry! We will arrange a cookout sometime this week to cook mutton tongseng, spinach masala, and chapatti in my place. Karyn as a pregnant lady desires to go to Lotus Thai restaurant next week. I think Indi and I should take care of it.

I had lunch in NUS Engineering Canteen with Simon Zhuang, Freddy, and Antonio Ismael who happened to be in Singapore all the way from Bali. Too bad JW couldn't join us. We had a great discussion on Architecture for the Poor. We hope we all can develop some kind of cooperation in the future for the sake of Indonesian urban poors. Now, I am going to cook Spinach Masala with Brown Rice for dinner. Mas Indi is working overtime tonight for US-ASEAN Busines Council Board Meeting and I want to surprise him with masala.


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