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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Day 12 - Part 2

Trying to find something interesting and edible, we enter Pferdemetsgerei Kaspar Worle, which specialized in horse meat (we also entered a stall which specialized in turkey meat, but it was not really interesting).

We had boiled sausage with mustard for snack, and bought ourselves wurst made from pure horse meat.

A guy who was having his lunch in this stall really loves horse meat because it is not fatty, unlike pork. The small amount of horse fat can immerse into the human skin, it will not leave fat stains, and can be used for beauty purposes, he said. He also said that possibly the horse meat come from old or sick racing horse. However, other people also said there are farms in Eastern Europe that breed horses for their meat. Regardless, we simply love this horse meat sausage.

We ran back to Marienplatz where we met Alex and together walked towards Hofgarten. Inside the Hofgarten, we saw some eastern European people basking with their Cello and Accordion.

Then Alex took us for a coffee at Tambosi Coffee House, which is situated in Odeonplatz right beside the Hofgarten. This posh place was established over 200 years ago and hence made it the oldest café in town.

We continued to Rosenheimer Platz to go to Asian Grocery Store, to get the spices for Mie Goreng for Kathy. In the shop we found soy sauce with the brand that no longer existed in Indonesia (some even listed their brand using the old four digit phone number).

On our way back to meet Kathy at Marienplatz, we play around with the camera to create nice visual effects.

Kathy took us to a store where we checked out some movie titles. She wanted to show us some good German movie. However, we could not find German movie in the shop, and rather, we saw all American movie translated into German. The title became really funny, for example "The Lady in Red" becomes "Die Frau in Rot".

We also browsed around the shop looking for variety of coffee machine and food cutter. We continued to walk to our dinner place, passed by the Deutches Museum. Too bad we do not have enough time to visit this great museum. Kathy told me they have new exhibit on Glass Bridges.

We all then walked to the Dreigroschenkeller Restaurant, "The Three Penny Cellar", located at the cellar / basement level in Lilienstrasse, just nearby the cinema. The interior is designed based on the Bertold Brecht Play "The Three Penny Opera", for example, the Jail, the Bank, the Brothel, and the Wedding. The food served is typical German Food, nothing related to the Three Penny Opera.

In the menu, there are various kind of "Etagere" (three or four course meal served in staggered tray). We ordered Knastetagere, which essentially vegetarian étagère (consisting Suppentopf des Tages, Käsespätzle und Salatschusel mit gebratenen Speckwürfeln). Kathy ordered beef dumpling just in case the food is not enough. For the drink, we ordered non alcoholic beer, Dunkles (dark beer), Radler (lemonade mixed with beer), and Munich Water. The food was simply fabulous and the service was great.

At ten pm, the singers started to sing excerpt from the Three Penny Opera. They handed out the lyrics of the play for the audience to sing along. Too bad it was all in German, which I could not understand. We just found out that the song "Mack the Knife" is originated from this play.

After the long musical dinner we drove back to Kathy+Stefan’s house and watched the beginning of vote count of the US Presidential Election. It seemed that Bush is leading the tally. Indi heard a hard-core republican said to CNN “In republican state you can see churches all over the place. In democrat state you can see Chinese restaurant and Thai restaurant sprouted all over”. What is this statement supposed to mean? I am getting really irritated. We were disappointed with how millions of Americans can be so stupid. We decided to go to bed, hoping that in the morning the count will be reversed.


At 9/12/04 21:38, iratgh said...

Aaah... that Ketjap A. Di sini ada juga kecap itu: yang keluaran Belanda dan yang keluaran Indonesia, meskipun brand-nya persis sama. Tau bedanya? Kecap keluaran Indonesia rasanya lebih manis, sedangkan yang keluaran Belanda lebih terasa 'kedelai'nya & nggak begitu manis. Malah menurutku, ada rasa getirnya sedikit. Orang Indonesia memang manis-manis sih, hihihi.. Nasi goreng & mie goreng yg pake kecap yg lebih-manis menurutku rasanya lebih pas, nggak perlu ditambahin bumbu macem2 lagi. Do you agree?


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