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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Day 9 - Part 1

We woke up and drove Mas Reza at 9am to Stadtpark to get his rented car from Budget. He also got VW polo, only it's black and has four doors, central lock, and automatic window.

We spent the whole morning getting prepared for the trip. Our laundry that we did last night was not dry enough, so we decided to create a makeshift laundry hanger in our white VW Polo. We put on a rope between the two windows of the back seat, and hang our clothes there. During our trip, we just let our window open and let the wind breeze dry our laundry. We also put socks and underwear at the air channels of the front seat.

Finally, at 11.30, we took off for Linz. These are the two VW polo while stopping in the resting area on the way to Linz.

This is the route we took to Linz.

All of the adults happened to wear the same upper outfit. Really, it was not planned!

This is Mas Reza with the red ladies.

Mas Indi with the red ladies.

Mbak Icha drove up to 140km per hour.

In our white VW Polo, Indi became the driver while I was the navigator and assistant. My task consisted of determining the best route to go to one place, to navigate way around the town/city, to provide food and drink, and to make sandwich right on the spot when necessary.

The scenery from Vienna to Linz along the highway was a bit plain, because the area lies at the flat land. The Alpen range was nowhere in the sight. Because of its flatness, the area was a bit windy, and we saw some wind powered electric generator along the way.

Finally at 2.15pm we reached Linz city centre (after a small detour at the fringe of the city) where Kathy and Stephan has already waited for us for quite a long time already. We parked at a parking place in Graben, which is quite expensive, EUR1 per half an hour. We then walked towards the Altes Rathaus, and we met Kathy and Stephan at the Hauptplatz, near Linz's column.

We then walked along Landstrasse. We were surprised that the town was actually quite vibrant. I mean, there were not many people at the city square, but along Landstrasse, you can see the vibrancy. For example, we saw this jazz band playing and people were either watching them or just passing by.

We tried to find another café where we can get something to warm ourselves, since the old Café at the corner of Hauptstadt (Kathy's favorite) was closed. We ended up in a café at the corner of Landstrasse, while the kids insisted that they wanted McDonalds for lunch. The service at the café was terrible. Stephan ended up placing the order by himself, and also taking the food out by himself. We swore we will never come to this Café anymore.

But anyway, it was really exciting meeting Stephan and Kathy after more than one year. Stephan and Kathy was very kind to offer farm visit for the kids nearby their holiday home in Weyregg am Attersee. The kids were really enthusiastic and rushed us to drive to Weyregg before it got dark.


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nice food's pic and of course nice car :)


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