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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Day 14 - Part 1

We woke up just before seven, but still too late to catch the Glockenspiel in Mozartplatz. I could only hear the sound of it. We decided to take a small walk to Nonnberg Church and Convent. The walk brought us to a slightly higher hill overlooking Salzburg, and we could see that heavy fog was clouding the city. The convent was founded in 15th century. The Sound of Music was shot inside the Convent inner courtyard (which is inaccessible for public), and the church is where the real Maria and the real Captain getting married (the Sound of Music's wedding took place at Mondsee Cathedral). Around the church, I collected falling maple leaves to take home.

We walked back to the hotel and had breakfast. It was typical German/Austrian breakfast consisting semmel rolls, butter, marmalade, honey, weisswurst, chicken spread, and cup of tea. It was quite a fulfilling breakfast. When we checked out, we gave Mr. Wagner some souvenir from Singapore.

We hurried to the parking place to avoid being fined, dragging our luggage with us. Luckily it was not a really distant walk, and we managed to exit the Kurzparkzone just before 9am. Our next destination was the other side of the river, and we needed to find a 3-hour Kurzparkzone near Mirabellplatz.

On our way to cross the river, we decided to make a detour to visit Leopoldskron Palace, which was used as the setting of Sound of Music (the scene where the children fell into water). The palace is not open to public and is currently used as Seminar Centre. We managed to drive inside the complex and took a quick snap.

We found a parking spot in the Kurzparkzone at the corner of Faberstrasse and Markus Sittikus Strasse, and immediately stamped for three-hour parking ticket. From there, it was a close walk to Makartplatz, where Mozart Residence was located.

Mozart Residence museum was fascinating. We were given a guiding handset with music clips reflecting the exhibited facsimile transcription or the relevant musical instruments. There is also an audio visual exhibition of Mozart Family tour around Europe. It also shows a growing conflict between young Mozart and his father. However, the exhibition did not give a complete picture of Mozart's biography, since it is ignoring the Vienna phase of Mozart's life.

We continued walking towards the bridge, passing by a music bookshop, and onto a small square where a jazz group is performing "Human Nature" in 5/4 beat. It became an interesting interpretation. However, I personally think that the way it is played is a bit stuttering and not very smooth.

The event was part of Jazz in der Altstadt 2004, which offered all kinds of jazz performance for free in public places along Salzburg Altstadt.

We became interested with this naked male mannequin, near the concert place.


At 24/6/05 13:54, Anonymous said...


Yes the maniqans(sp?) are very interesting in many European countries!I'm glad you had a great time on vacation!I was also in Austria a few years ago!


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