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Monday, November 01, 2004

Day 11 - Part 2

After the warming brunch, we try to find a spot to play with snow. Too bad the snow was not really dry, since it was a mixture of rain, snow, and slush. But Rani managed to get used of her cold wet shoes and headed towards the snow and started to play with it.

This was her first time seeing snow in her life.

Those guys are really good in snowboarding!

Rani posed with Snowmobil.

Just the two of us!

Tired with snow, we drove down south to Obergurgl, but there were not much to see there, partly because the weather was not really good. Upon reaching Obergurgl, we decided to turn back and drove up north.

When we reached Langenfeld, we found this nice piece of architecture. It turned to be a spa resort with thermal pool facilities, called the Aquadome

We'd have to say that it's a quite nice architecture with good workmanship.

Blending in nicely with the surrounding mountains.

When we were in the resort, we could also hear the bell of Langenfeld church rang from afar. The bells rang like layers of canon music. We found out that the Allerheiligen mass was being held there.

We continued to drive north to find a place to have dinner. Initially we just wanted to buy cheap stuff from grocery, but all were closed. We found this M Preis supermarket with a nice modern architecture, and we remembered Stephan told us that M Preis is a chain supermarket that hires different architects to design each individual building uniquely with modern architecture (Later I found that one of the M Preis building was listed in the Phaidon Atlas of Architecture).

We could not find a place that clicked for dinner and we drove as far as Stams. We found the famous old monastery, where the monks still dressed in old-fashioned robe (however, they use modern tools such as laptops or cars).

The monastery has sundial clock at the tower.

Near the monastery, we found this nice cozy place to eat called 'Alte Schmiede'. It is owned by the 17 th descendant of a blacksmith family who migrated from Italy in 14 th century. The buildings and furniture still retains the accessories and equipment of the blacksmith.

We ordered Pizza Cappriciosa and Tyrolean Dumpling Soup. It was really good and fulfilling. Hubert Staudacher, the owner, is a really chatty friendly chap who loves to get to know the customer. He chatted to all customers in his restaurant. He told us that he used to be blacksmith, before converting the building as a restaurant. He said he was in Bali few years back.

We then drove back to Niederthai and prepared ourselves for tomorrow’s trip to Munich.


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