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Monday, October 25, 2004

Day 4 - Part 1

I woke up with blocked nose. For breakfast, we had bread with strawberry preserve. Thomas had to leave with early flight for work in Sandefjord. After getting Thomas to the airport, Elok cooked us beef sausage. We also gave Elok our wedding present. Outside the weather was really cold, around -1 up to 3C. There is a thin layer of ice on the grass and leaves, and we had to scrape ice from the car.

We all then went to the Airport since Elok's family would take 11am flight to Bergen, while Tara and we would take 12.40pm flight to Amsterdam. This is Tara killing time by playing his Gameboy (Final Fantasy).

We saw a mobile phone booth in the airport. We assume European need this because they do not like noisy people chatting with loud voices in public. To keep the noise down, booths were provided. Actually, this is a good idea to be implemented in Singapore, perhaps Mass Rapid Trains should have these booth so that loud people can talk freely without disturbing other people.

In the airport Indi got his bag checked because of suspicious content. Of course it would be suspicious, it was a backpack filled with laptop, chargers, USB car readers, camera, lenses, and tripod. It surely will look weird in the Xray scanner.

Today is really a nice weather with a lot of sun. We took a number of photos near the airplane and during the take off phase.

Bye bye Stjordal, Vaernes, and Trondheim! Hopefully we can return (with the baby!).

This is our boarding pass. Rani got the window seat!

We had a great breakfast on board, turkey mustard sandwich, chocolate muffin, juice, and tea. From the airplane window we saw Norwegian mountains with a lot of snow. Two hours later, we started to see the Netherlands with its canals. We tried to recognize the places we visited few days back. We saw the Nemo building from the air, as well as the surrounding maritime museum.


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