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Sunday, July 13, 2003

Yesterday night Mas Indi brought me one pint of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Cherry Garcia! He just knows what and when to give pleasant surprise for me. I think Ben and Jerry’s have a bolder taste, a funkier type of ice cream, whereas Movenpick ice cream (my favorite is Maple Walnut) has a smoother taste, a classier type.

Indonesia is mentioned in Ben and Jerry's website. Is this an example of fair trade? Do the vanilla farmers in Indonesia receive appropriate reward?

This morning I accompanied Mas Indi practicing golf in Temasek Club driving range. Too bad he just realized now how comfortable it is to practice near our house. Now it is too late because the driving range is going to be demolished pretty soon to build a new road connecting Queensway to AYE, right in front of our estate.

After breakfast we went to Shangri-La hotel and met up with Fanny Bahar and David Hutagalung.

Askar and I continued to walk to Plaza Singapore to get Pizza for brunch. I have been longing for pizza for quite a long time. The Pizza at Pasta Mania has great cheese and seafood topping but I don’t like the crust. I think the crust is too crispy like crackers. I don’t like Pizza Hut crust either, because it is too bread like. I prefer the pizza crust in Papa John’s, California Pizza Kitchen, or Domino’s which has rubbery crust and tasty.

We continued to walk to Sonata Dance Supplies where I inquired about the price of ballet equipment. I would need to spend at least $80 to buy those equipments. Then we went to Times bookshop where I bought “Stupid White Men” by Michael Moore and “Why Do People Hate America” by Sardar and Davies.

Then I went to Specialist Shopping Center to find out the cost for Adult Ballet class, which turned out to be cheaper then YMCA. I think I will enroll to this class in August. Having class once a week will be enough.

I went home after that and Askar followed to Hang Jebat to seek shelter from the rain. I ended up cooking chicken porridge for him.


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