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Sunday, July 13, 2003

To answer Fay's question:

"And Rani, your sudden craving for nJ ice cream kebetulan ke or because you baru baca pasal BnJ on my website? Hehe. Hope to see you guys next week. :)"

No, Fay, I did not tell Mas Indi about my desire for Ice Cream. In fact, I was expecting Movenpick! Somehow miracle does happen. After we chatted about BnJ, Mas Indi later came home bringing a pint of Cherry Garcia without me asking for it. And by now one pint has already run thin.

This morning, while Mas Indi was doing putting and driving in Raffles Country Club with the big bosses, I was having breakfast with my former boss (my present foster dad), Mr. Jeremy Wagstaff in Borders Bistro Orchard Road. He was bragging about his new Palm Tungsten with bright screen nice resolution and all wi-fi capability (which he could not manage to make it work in Borders Bistro). I also introduce myself to Ms. Sari Sudarsono, a very kind petite young lady who works for LA Times Indonesia. I ended up buying books on learning chinese characters and chinese dictionary with hanyu pinyin.


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