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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Happy Lebaran to everybody!

Bapak and Ibu Hindro came to visit us to celebrate hari raya.

Yesterday we took them to Geylang Night Market along with Askar. We had Otak Otak, Pulot Bakar (a kind of Lemper with shrimp filling), Dendeng, Chicken Shawarma (a really good one), Peanut cake (but I like better Cheese-Chocolate Martabak Manis from Bandung), Halal lasagna, and of course TURKISH ICE CREAM! It was totally crowded there, and it was difficult to move around! People spilled over to the road. We met Dewi and Yusoff who were used to be in Bumi Band. I have never seen them in Traditional Malay attire before. They mentioned to us that they were no longer in Bumi Band.

As for today, friends kept coming to our place to greet and celebrate Lebaran. Mak Tuti prepared chicken opor and meatball sambal, accompanied with beef-lung rendang that she brought from Padang. As dessert, we all shared big basket of Sumatran Durian which was brought from the forest in Anai Valley.

We played music all day long and jamming, and we never stop eating. Daniel brought his guitar and played everything from jazz to blues. Kiki joined the jam session with her saxophone, while Ramses watched her in admiration. Adi could not stop singing. Later, Leonard joined and hit the piano playing blues and jazz. Geraldine helped Adi sang Chinese songs. Later that day, Askar and Feca also visited us and helped us finish the meal.

BTW have you checked out our new personal name card? We made one using a hand-carved chinese seal of our family name as the logo, made in Melaka during our last trip with Kiki, Dimas and Yati. here it is!


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