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Friday, February 27, 2004

Today I felt that Indi and I can use a new nickname "The Most Misunderstood Couple".. Why? Because I observe that both of us had experienced many times being misunderstood by people. For example, people think I am arrogant, whereas in reality I am shy and timid!

As for Indi, he is the man with sincere curiousity and is inquisitive in nature. He loves to question things and never take things for granted. But people misunderstood him as somebody who craves attention, because he ask a lot of questions!

Perhaps here's where the cultural clash came about. Having lived in the US for a long time made him a man who is not afraid to ask questions. I guess Indonesians find this really weird and in many cases, feel offended. To be honest I feel angry at the people who misunderstand Indi. But I'd rather put my energy into somewhere more fruitful rather than channeling my anger.

Anyway, we take it as a lesson to be more careful in communicating our ideas. But we will never let other people judge us! :>


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