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Sunday, February 22, 2004

Today... hmm what did we do today? Oh yes, at 9:00am we went to have fish congee and cakwe for breakfast at Alexandra Village and then went to get economy haircuts for only 10 SGD per head at QB inside IKEA building. We walked back home soon after and I did my weekly chores: Ironing our work clothes, while Rani worked on her application for UK Urban Design Scholarship that she's been wanting to submit.

Later in the afternoon at 3:00pm we went to my colleague Fauzia's party to celebrate her sister's 60th birthday. Her sister, Sharifah Noor, is now a resident of Den Haag and works for the UN International Crime Court (?). It was kinda big family reunion for them and we were very privileged to be a part of them. After all, Fauzia is a great person to work with and she does have a heart of gold. She is like family to us!

She lives in the Marine Parade town area where PM Goh Chok Tong's political strength is based out of. The area is just so lively and you could find every single detail virtually spotless.

At 6:00pm we left the party and walked toward Marine Parade Community Centre and guess who we saw at the lobby surrounded by hysterical folks? INUL DARATISTA! :) Yes sireee.... Inul had just had a small concert with about 700 people and it was indeed her first time shaking her bon-bon in Temasek. Rani soon handed her camera to me and started getting closer to Inul. Inul was indeed very radiant in her red tight outfit showing her typical energetic gestures. After the public photo sessions, Inul was escorted to the van and was surprised to see a young woman already waiting for her in the van. She was crying and begging to come with Inul in the van but the bodyguards wasn't able to persuade her to come out of the van until Inul approached her and gave her a hug. The young woman was crying and Inul comforted her like a mother to a child. Inul really knows how to show her love to all. She has been mystified as a Hero in the eyes of every young woman in Indonesia. Inul symbolizes success and pure modesty in every way (although her outfit does not always seem to say so). It was a heart-breaking moment to witness it as Rani kept telling me to take journalistic photographs of them but I was just unable to do so. I just snapped the camera but my mind just couldn't capture that moment. It seemed so unreal that a person like Inul was so open and forgiving to that young woman. We thought she was perhaps a maid working in Singapore and if so, then she must have been the luckiest person among all fans to experience such a warm hug from the Heroine.

Enough said... here is Rani's picture with Inul and the heart-breaking moment with a fan:

Written by Indi


At 27/5/07 22:44, Anonymous dewy said...

are u INUL daratista fans..??
join with us... the big comunnity of Inul's fans, (FBI = Fans Berat Inul)
ok..?? ;)

At 21/5/08 19:43, Anonymous Yhadie said...

Are u love inul....? click


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