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Sunday, March 28, 2004

We arrived in the land of Minangkabau this morning from Batam. The whole family picked us up from the airport and we drove 60km southward to get to Jembatan Akar. On the way we stopped at Restoran Keluarga and had a great Minang lunch. Fish Head Curry, and I managed to eat the curry fish eyeballs!

Jembatan Akar, as the name suggested, is basically a bridge made from the root of Banyan Tree. Two banyan trees are located across the river in front of each other, and a bridge is made by tying the root of those trees. After one-hundred years, the bridge become like this:

The river below the bridge is really clean and a lot of people swim there, jumping right from the bridge.

Later that night we arrived in the villa in Anai and had a great dinner of green duck curry. It's really spicy and I am sure the cook was using a dash of marijuana to make all of us addicted to the curry!


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