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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Our third day started with a drive to Bukit Tinggi to do shopping! We went to Aisha Craft Shop near Pasar where the ladies were excited to buy traditional fabrics and some clothes. The owner, Tante Nacha, was really hospitable. She served us all her home made peanut cake and capuccino. Sure enough we ended up doing a massive shopping.

We continued to go to Pasar, where Ibu Wies went to buy Dadiah (traditional yogurt made from Ox Milk and stored in bamboo) and Ampyang (traditional cereal made from rice pounded flat). Mas Indi had a chance to tried Pisang Bakar (flatten roasted banana with sugar coated shredded coconut). On the way to the car, we visited General Election Committee Center to see the preparation for the upcoming election. People there seems to be very busy folding the gigantic ballot sheets.

We had lunch in Kedai Nasi Kapau recommended by Tante Nacha. She promise that she will pay the lunch if we were able to prove that the Nasi Kapau served there is not up to our taste. Well, it turned out to be really good that we did not mind paying the lunch ourselves. I personally enjoyed the Jengko Curry most.

We continued to drive northward to Harau Valley which is as beautiful as the Grand Canyon or the Yosemite Valley. Natural ponds were formed by the water streams that falls from the top of the valley. Here's one picture that we took in one of the ponds.

There is one spot in the valley which was called "Echo" where we can stand there and scream out and echo will be repeated on the other end of the valley.

We took a break in Echo Lodge located in between two high canyon. The scenery is simply amazing, and this lodge highly respects its environment. A lot of european artists rent a room there for few weeks simply to enjoy the scenery and to do their artistic works such as painting.


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