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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

This weekend Fay Mahdzan come to Singapore to watch Krisdayanti's concert. The concert organizer offered Fay an opportunity for interview, and they would give free concert tix provided Fay publishes the interview in her website. Who would reject such a good offer! Indi and I decided to tag along and introduce ourselves as Fay's photographer. At the end, Fay, Santa, me and Indi got the chance to chat up close with Krisdayanti! The concert was fantastic, and I have to give my commendation to Erwin Gutawa's orchestra for the great music (despite the electricity glitches)!. See the photo below: Santa, Fay, KD, and me. Indi took the picture. I use this blog as a chance to try out the Photoblog service offered by Hello


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