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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Based on the 8.5 mm size of the baby, the pregnancy age is 6 weeks 6 days. From here, the doctor can determine a more exact due date, which is 20 March 2004, however the baby is likely to be born before that.

The doctor gave us general nutritional advice, like, eat a lot of vegetable, fruit, and fish, and nibble fruit instead of cookie.

Here's the latest picture of our baby. BTW, we have been calling our baby Noelani, and nick named her Noe. Noelani means Heavenly Mist or Heavenly Rain. This was suggested by Rita, and seems that she will walk out later with the surprise gift!


At 1/8/04 22:46, INDAYANI said...

hey non, congrats on ur pregnancy yah. semoga sehat. eh, btw, due date elo 2005 ngkali tuh, masa 20 maret 2004..udah lewat dongk..
jd namanya bakalan noelani niy ? unik juga :)

At 16/8/04 12:02, ita said...

Selamat buat Rani dan mas Indi-nya. Tahun ini bertambah lagi jumlah calon ponakan gw, jadi pengen punya sendiri...hihi. Slmt skali lg, jaga kesehatan dan jgn lupa dengerin musik buat sang baby....noe


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