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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Smandel96 Singapore Reunion

Femmy came one hour after Riza. She hasn't changed ever since high school. As a good doctor she gave me a lot pregnancy advice. She showed us her twin baby daughter pictures. I wish my baby is a twin too!

Yudis Batak couldn't make it because he had worked in the hospital until early morning and he was still catching up sleep. Wiwin couldn't make it because her relatives were visiting.

While we were eating the Martabak, Masmur kept calling me, saying that he got stuck in the traffic (it was National Day Parade rehearsal, and he stayed in Mountbatten). Finally he arrived at my place close to sunset, and he brought Chicken Wing Carbonara! I didn't know he was so good in cooking! He told us that he had been cooking ever since he was still in Junior High School. He opted for culinary skill class instead of accountancy.

They are all fall in love with my kampong like environment. I hope they became interested in moving into my neighborhood. At least with Masmur around, I don't have to worry about cooking ;>

Here's the photo of our reunion!


At 3/8/04 01:49, Anonymous said...

hayyah....kok gue kagak pernah liat femmy?? yakin loe dia satu angkatan ama kita??? hahahahhaha.... bangke...yang kayak gitu kok bisa lolos dari pengamatan gue....such a waste...hehehehe...jadi cuma segitu doang loe ut...ngincer masakan gue doang? huh...huh?? hehehehe....iye tuh kalo di tempat elo, yang ada gue molor mulu kagak kuliah2...let's do it some other time, okay??

At 3/8/04 23:12, Hariza said...

Pengen reunian juga.. T_T


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