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Sunday, August 01, 2004

The Sees at Jebat

I called Bridgette at 12.30 and she was shocked that we had prepared the lunch. She thought she had notified us that the lunch was cancelled, since Constance and Theresa couldn't make it. Nevertheless, she decided to come to our place, just because we have cooked!

She told us her aspiration to work as volunteer in Cambodia for next couple of years. She has already quitted her job as TV journalist, yesterday was her last day in CNA.

Later, Constance called, and she also decided to join us. We had Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and while the others had espresso, I could only watch. It will be eight more months until I can enjoy coffee again!


At 12/8/04 10:29, Anonymous said...

Thanks, Rani! We looked like we were on a caffeine buzz!


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