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Sunday, August 08, 2004

A Sunday Kiasu Fiasco

On our way out from home to go to Esplanade in this nice Saturday evening, we bumped into Jiri and Eddie, who were going to have some raw fish in Chinatown. We decided to take a photo together, with a theme "Two Beasts and A Beauty", or "Two Thorns and A Rose". We also announced to Jiri and Eddie that they're gonna be an uncle in few months time. The future uncles will think about a name to suggest to the baby.

Before going to Esplanade we popped into Femmy's house in Dover Parkview, to see her beautiful twin babies. When we arrive there, we're surprised to see Yudis Batak enjoying his lunch, and he's not ashamed to show that he only come to get free lunch from Femmy. Likewise, we were greeted by lots of great sweets and snacks, such as Seaweed Taffy (dodol rumput laut) and Pinoy Milk Candy. Then the two twins woke up, waiting to be fed. Feeding the two twins are one helluva ritual! First, you lay scrap news paper on the floor. Then put the baby seater on top of the scrap news paper. Then put the baby inside the seater, and dress them in an appropriate feeding gear. Ready, GO! And you can see all the food splattered on the floor, luckily the scrap paper kept the floor clean... really, what a tough job to do!

When we arrived in City Hall MRT station, we immediately regretted our decision to go to Esplanade library. The crowd was simply unbearable, everybody is striving with their full kiasuness to see the Fireworks.

After a painful struggle, we made our way to Esplanade library, just before it was closed. We rushed to borrow the movie, and then rushed back to the bus stop. Then we could hear the fireworks from afar. At the bus stop, to our surprise, we saw the whole traffic in front of Esplanade was at a standstill, and this explained the whole behaviour of people at the bus stop, when the bus came closer. Even before the bus reached the stop, Kiasu people started to walk towards the bus and ignore the whole line of people that had been neatly formed at the bus stop. This led to chaos, and I was not ashamed to scream to my agony to scold those ugly heartless Kiasu people.


At 8/9/04 20:44, Anonymous said...

How funny. Always thought Singaporeans behaved when it came to law and order in their country, which includes queuing up. That's of course until they reach the borders of Malaysia. :-D



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