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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Yesterday's Dinner and Today

Yesterday we had a great dinner at Garibaldi in Purvis Street. Garibaldi was having a Summer Truffle Festival, and I took this opportunity to try the Angel Hair Pasta with Cheese Sauce and Shaved Black Truffle. Masindi was having Ravioli with Saffron Sauce and Mushroom. Both tasted heavenly and the service was simply excellent. Too bad we didn't have much time to order dessert. We were late to the 911 movie and missed the early scenes of the Florida election.

After the movie, we continued to have a drink and dessert at Carlton Hotel. The dessert was okay, not so excellent. But this is the first time I had coffee during my pregnancy (although it was decaf)! We stayed up until 3am, I was struggling to stay awake. Surely the coffee was really decaf, because I didn't become alert after having it.

Today we woke up at 11am (lazy huh...). First thing I noticed when I checked my email is the email from Rita, that told the success story of Christiawan Lie in the US. Chris was our friend, who tried his luck in Singapore to become an illustrator for comics, and to teach comic drawing. However, Singapore rejected him, because he didn't have formal education in graphical illustration or arts. Yes, he was an architecture student from Bandung, and in Singaporean term, with your architectural credential you're not allowed to move to other sector. Singapore conveniently ignore the fact that his work has been published by major publishers in Indonesia, and the level of his work can actually be judged just by looking at his portfolio. I can imagine Chris became sick of such ignorance towards his work, and decided to try his luck in the US. Not too long after he arrived in the US, he got his work published in What Is Enlightenment? Magazine issue 26 titled "Indiana Diddy-Dogg and the Ark of Empty-Vee". Singapore can now regret losing such a creative talent, haha!


At 23/8/04 11:03, Anonymous said...

Hi Rani....

TrishaRatna here from M4M, thought I check out your webby. I'm liking it already. Hope you join in the discussions that we have at M4M. Should you need help just holler.

As to your friend Christiawan, I'm glad that he found a job that recognises his talents. I couldn't agree with you more about the "paper qualification" mentality that the employers here have. They don't really care if you have what it takes, all they want to look is whether you have the right paper qualificaiton for it. We're losing a lot of creative talents this way.

Anyway, take care and good luck with your pregnancy!


At 25/8/04 17:24, ibam said...

berarti singapore is out of the question for me ya.. hahahaha

At 8/9/04 20:39, Anonymous said...

Ya begitu lah Singapore. Tidak ada abu-abu, hanya hitam dan putih.



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