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Saturday, August 21, 2004

My 3cm-Tall Baby

First thing to say today is, Happy Birthday my dear brother Captain Fighter Pilot! Guess what his SMS said:

"Kalau memang SBY-Mega rebuttan jadi RI1 dan partai sibuk koalisi, jangan pedulikan! Karena pada tanggal 21 Agustus 22 tahun yang lalu telah lahir - THE MOST POWERFUL AND PROMISED NEXT PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE!"

Alamak, what confidence! We're proud of you my dear brother, and let me present to you and to all of you, your future little niece/nephew! We went to see the doctor again for our 10week consultation. Dr. Chang did a scan rightaway to measure the size of this little baby. The baby is 3cm tall. During the scan, we saw the baby heartbeat (160 beat per second, really fast), which looked like a small pulsing dot at the center of the body. Then we also saw the baby waving the future arms like doing some kind of dance, or perhaps the baby tried to wave at us knowing that we're looking through the scan.

Doctor seemed to be quite happy with the progress, and he reminded me to take a lot of rest and eat a lot of nutritious food (meat, fish, green vegetable, fruit) NOT too much sugar and carbohydrate (DANG, I have been eating Ben and Jerry's these past few days!). I think I really need to increase my fish and vegetable intake. And now all my trousers started to become smaller (or is it me who became bigger?). Luckily I managed to find some cheap strap-tied trouser in a mall nearby, that can be flexibly adjusted according to the size of my tummy.


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