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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Our Second Anniversary

Today's our second anniversary! Since we had to work late today, we romantically celebrated it by having the best Laksa in the whole west of Singapore: Katong Laksa in Holland Village. The Otah is also the best that I have ever tasted! Great taste, good service, and kind to your wallet.

Happy anniversary my dear husband, and look forward to growing old together with you, plus I pray that little Noe will come out fine and dandy.

BTW photo is taken using my new XDA2 (well, not really new, it's actually a secondhand stuff which I got from Pocket PC User Group Singapore). Not bad ey, at least now I can be trigger happy anytime anywhere. So far I'm very happy with my new gadget, and it's now time to say goodbye to my old loyal Palm m505.


At 9/9/04 01:10, avianto said...

congrats ya! 2 years, eh? well, grand future ahead for both of you... that is my wish for you...

At 9/9/04 18:05, iratgh said...

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At 9/9/04 18:12, iratgh said...

Selamat ulang tahun tante Rani-oom Indi, dari Indah-Daning. Semoga selalu rukun dan have-fun. Oom Indi di foto itu kok rada mirip ayah ya? Matanya melotot belo', pake brill, jidatnya lebar, rambutnya cepak, hehehe... Ada juga foto ayah yang posenya mirip begitu. Tapi waktu ibu tanya,"Itu siapa?", Indah bisa langsung jawab,"Itu bukan ayah. Ayah di kampus!" Hehehehee...anak pinteer...

At 9/9/04 23:30, merlyna lim said...

Second aniversary? Hampir ngga percaya! Wow.. ternyata udah 2 taon ya.. rasanya baru kemaren klean ber-pantai2-ria di Hawaii..
Selamat ya.. I'm happy and proud to see dikau2 berdua.. yg selalu kompak, rukun, happy, dan gila..:P


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