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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Indi's Birthday with Green Duck Curry

Today is Mas Indi's birthday! He's at the verge of the beginning of his third decade. We started the day with watching TV interview of Bhumi Band about their new album and last night's performance.

As we wanted to share our happiness, we invited our few close friends to enjoy spicy Indonesian lunch, imported straight from Indonesia by our beloved Ibu Tuti. As you can see in the picture, mas Judhi was taking photo of the lunch menu, consisting: Green Duck Curry, Roast Lamb, Cow Lung Rendang, Boiled Tapioca Leaves, Red Rice. Mas Iwan at the background couldn't wait to finish the whole tabletop.

As you can see, all guests are bringing their kids with them. A total of seven toddlers and babies roamed around the house the whole afternoon. It was hilarious and noisy! What an experience :> We got plenty of lesson on how to prepare ourselves as parents, including lesson on how to make a kid-friendly house from Wicak. BTW In the picture below is Andrew, and at the background are Aily and Brian.


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