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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Noe's Neck Thickness

For those of you who wondered what the previous post was all about, lemme tell you a bit about what happened this Saturday. We had our pregnancy check up, and Dr. Cheng did the Neck Thickness measurement, where we would be able to find out the likelihood of having Down's Syndrome (DS). We were sad to know that the neck thickness (of 2.8mm) was beyond normal limit, and increased the likelihood of having DS (1 : 500 likelihood). DS. Dr. Cheng then arranged for OSCAR testing the next monday to find out the risk in greater detail.

However, while waiting for the OSCAR test to take place on Monday, we were sad and panicked, and started to think of the worst case scenario. If the monday test came out positive high-risk, we may be recommended do Amniocentesis to diagnose the genetic condition, to then decide either to terminate the pregnancy or not. The possibility of being given recommendation to terminate pregnancy really upsets us, we can't believe that this little living thing should die if DS is proven to be positive. How unfair it is! Why DS baby can't be given a chance to live? Moreover, a few weeks ago, we saw the baby waving at us through the USG scanner! What can be more obvious to show that the baby is indeed a living being!

Hence we decided, to keep the baby, whatever condition he/she is in. We believe that there must be a reason for every baby being born, and all babies are a blessing in whatever condition. Perhaps there is no such thing as a bad condition for the baby. As Mas Indi elaborated, "A problem is a solution that you don't like", meaning, a supposedly bad condition of the baby is actually a blessing and there is something good in it - a purpose and a reason -, which we adult may not like.

Then I thought of other things. I have a friend who aborted her babies, just because they were conceived outside of marriage. I really cannot believe that somebody have a heart to do this. Now that we are faced with this possibility of having to choose, it becomes difficult for me to comprehend my friend's action.

Anyway, we were preparing ourselves for any possible outcome of the test over the weekend. We were "pasrah", and prepared to accept our baby in whatever condition God has given him/her.

We had the second neck thickness scan on Monday (part of the OSCAR test) and the result came out to be different from the Saturday's test. The NT was 2.5 mm, which is at the higher end but still within the normal range. This gives us a sense of relief.

The blood test result (hCG and PAPP-A) was then combined with the NT scan result, giving a combined risk factor of 1 : 8185. The smaller risk number ruled out the need of having further Amniocentesis test, and we would not have to choose either to terminate the pregnancy or not (Again, we will not terminate the pregnancy even if the OSCAR test was proven to be high-risk!). Thank you God to give clearer picture of the pregnancy condition.

The saga over the weekend really woke me up, and felt how important is the baby to our life. It taught me to take a better care of the baby. It taught me to be grateful of whatever good and "bad" thing God has given us. It taught me to "pasrah", to give every matters to the hand of the Creator.

Please pray for Noe so that he/she will be a healthy and happy baby!


At 21/9/04 22:24, Anonymous said...

hey, aku gak pernah denger ttg neck thickness testing ini..eniwei, don't worry too much about the result - mostly the positive results usually false positive eniwei from what I've read so far about pre-screening tests. Even if ur baby true has DS, most DS baby grow up normally - I've read a lot of DS people living normally eniwei, so don't worry too much and keep your faith in God. I'm so proud and relief that you decide to keep your baby. I'll do the same too if I were you. No matter what, baby is the blessing from heaven.

-Feli Z.

At 22/9/04 02:44, Anonymous said...


I'm so proud of you, and let me tell you I would've made the same decision had I been told the same thing.

I certainly pray that your baby will be healthy though.

Just to share my experience: Living with someone special is not as hard as what people think. I lived with Antrin for nearly 25 years, she's independent in her own way and I love her to bits.

Tari kecil

At 22/9/04 18:38, Anonymous said...

Saya jadi inget pengalaman sendiri waktu hamil hampir 2 tahun lalu. Hasil USG di KKH memperlihatkan titik putih di jantung janin. Dokternya nggak terlalu risau. Pas balik ke Jkt(krn mau nglahirin disana), dokternya panik banget, katanya lemah jantunglah, riskan jantung bawaanlah. Segala prosedur saya jalani untuk mengetahui apakah janin saya sehat. Alhamdulillah bayinya lahir sehat walafiat.
Saya kagum dengan keputusan Rani dan Indi. Whatever happens,keep the faith. Mudah2an Allah memberi jalan yang terbaik.


At 24/9/04 21:23, dy said...

Hi Rani, aku mau share aja. Dulu aku hamil di Spore, check-up di Gleneagles. Dokter2 di sana memang selalu pakai teknologi plg canggih, kadang2 menurutku agak berlebihan (USG hampir tiap check-up!). Jadinya yang umumnya biasa2 aja malah diteliti bgt. Bagus juga sih, tapi nggak usah terlalu kuatir deh kayaknya. Keep the faith, and jaga badan ya. My pray for Noe!

At 27/9/04 16:08, Anonymous said...

Hi raut,
Gw bgt salut ama elo..
Keep the faith ya..
Banyak2 berdoa mohon petunjuk & kepasrahan karena anak adl titipan Allah & klian pasti termasuk org2 yang dipercaya utk menjaga titipan-Nya..
percaya deh kalian tuh beruntung bgt, krn msh banyak yg belum dikasih titipan kae kami yg msh blm dikasih titipan nih..:)

i pray for the baby & you health & happiness..


At 28/9/04 12:46, ibam said...

halo ut, ndi, baru baca lagi, akhir minggu kemarin gua sibuk pindahan...anyway... i'm glad that all is okay with you and noe. me and esti will always pray for the best for both of you and the little one...

eh... what does "noe" stands for? :)

At 6/10/04 00:49, me said...

Hi Rani,
Ketidakpastian adalah bagian dari kehamilan. You're one tough cookie, dear.. you'll get thru it.
Temen gue di sini banyak tuh yang tes2 segala macem terus diperkirakan akan terjadi macem2 sama bayinya, sampai dokternya itu maksa2 aborsi tapi si orangtua tetap bertahan. Alhamdulillah anaknya lahir normal. Gue inget satu temen gue sampai hamilnya tuh stress bukan karena dia takut anaknya kenapa2 tapi karena hampir tiap hari ditelepon sama rumah sakit yang minta dia mempertimbangkan kembali keputusannya untuk TIDAK aborsi.
Semoga Tuhan memberikan kelancaran dalam perjalanan kehamilan kamu ya say :)


At 13/10/04 16:51, Anonymous said...

Kami turut berdoa buat bayinya... :)
cuma ikut comment aja, tadinya nyari di google resep makanan, eh ketemunya di bolu kukus yang gagal (arsip tanggal berapa ya? lupa) ...
anyway, sukses dan salam kenal

Bottie & Susan
sorry pakai anonymous, malas bikin account di blogger :)


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