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Friday, December 24, 2004


At the courtesy of Niken's DVD library, I decided to screen Dogville on my office laptop. Indeed the movie was splendid. The pace was just for me... except for the glitches on the physical DVD itself during the last half of the show; which forced me to skip some parts of the scenes.

All in all, Nicole Kidman is truly an actress, not an entertainer, but a thought provoking actress with her ability to convey emotion and aura... not wicked aura, of course.

If you have not seen it already, go get it and watch it. It is intended to evoke social awareness; the ghettos, the small run down towns, as urbanists would call it "the rural".


At 26/12/04 01:36, Nauval! said...

More than just splendid, the film proves to be an emotional ride for me throughout the entire 2-hour plus of watching the brutality caused by unbearable poverty in minds as presented by the master of exploring the deepest human-ly side of beings, Mr. Lars Von Trier.

Your comment on Nicole Kidman's presence there couldn't be more right, in fact, it is her best performance to date which sadly goes overlooked due to the lack-of-mass-appeal of the film, which in fact, an exact mirror of what has gone deep under American society at large.


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