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Saturday, February 19, 2005

36th Week

I have been enjoying my pregnancy. So far I have been active in work and activities. But last week, on my 35th week, I was reminded to slow down a bit. My feet start to get swollen, I got carpal tunnel syndrome at my right arm, and I started to feel pelvic discomfort. I was a bit stressed because I could not be as active as I wanted to be. Perhaps it’s time for me to withdraw myself from this busy world and move up into my hermitage with the baby :> When I went to see my doctor today he was a bit worried of the swollen feet, and I had to do a blood test to see whether there is any sign of preeclampsia. Once I get the result early next week, we’ll find out how soon the baby needs to be delivered. Wish us luck!

Let me talk a bit more about giving up train seats for pregnant women - statistically. So far I have been really lucky. Each morning I boarded MRT, people always give their seat to me. I have been really touched by their courteous gesture. Most of the time, it's women in their 20s-30s that give me seat.

As for men, usually older men (aged 40s-50s) will give up their seats. Very rarely teenage boys or men in their 20s would give up their seats. I experience kindness from men in their 20s only once, when a Singapore Poly student gave up his seat for me (bravo Singapore Poly, for the courtesy). Perhaps this shows that usually men who experienced being a husband and father have more empathy towards pregnant women.

One interesting experience I'd like to highlight is when I went home from Newton in early February. I boarded a crowded East-West line train from Raffles City. It was so crowded, I happen to be pushed to stand in front of this young lad. Upon seeing me, he immediately fell asleep! And then, since the train was so crowded, once I lost my balance and almost tripped on this guy, and woke him a bit. But upon seeing my big belly, he immediately fell into deep sleep again. I grinned, because the funny thing is that he sat (and pretend to sleep) directly under the sign that says "Please offer this seat to someone who needs it more than you do", with illustration of elderly people and pregnant women.

For me, at that time, I still have the energy to stand up and I did not want to fight with other people to get my right. If people do not want to give up their seat, it's OK, I'm not going to faint or whatever, at least at that time I still have the energy. But imagine if it's other pregnant women who badly need the seat because of swollen feet or weak balance!

Other passengers also noticed this incident. A couple who stood up at the other end of the train as well as a JC student offered me their seats, but it was too far to walk and the train was too crowded. So I thanked them for the offer. Obviously, the couple was disturbed by this incident, they decided to take photo of me and the 'pretender' using their handphone camera (then I took photo of this funny incident too - see above).

To add to the irony of this incident, when the train reached one station, this guy immediately stood up and exit the train. Imagine, a guy, who was deeply asleep and was not disturbed by pregnant women who bumped into his knees all along the way, was able to know which station to board. I mean, if he was really in a deep sleep, by no means he would definitely miss the station he was supposed to alight.

So, guys, be more sensitive, or else you would get bad press on other people's private blog... hehehe...


At 20/2/05 15:50, iratgh said...

Waktu kehamilanku 35 minggu, aku sudah bukaan 1 dan 3 minggu kemudian Daning lahir. Sebenernya, dia usia 37 minggu bayi sudah cukup 'matang' untuk dilahirkan. Don't worry.. Tapi Rani yg susah diem memang udah perlu lebih banyak istirahat nih, hehehe...siapin energi untuk hari-H. Koper udah siap? Good luck ya !

At 21/2/05 10:37, Cay said...

Aku mau ikut nungguin dong!

At 28/2/05 14:41, Anonymous said...

Jerk alert!

Fairy M.

At 3/3/05 04:47, Gede Antara said...

If I were you, I would politely ask the man to give up his seat for you. I'm sure he would give up the seat for you. If not, let other people witness the kind of jerk he is.
Sometimes people in the big city have to be reminded of these kind of gestures. So, don't hesitate to speak up.

At 15/3/05 14:29, si kiky said...

I saw you dari liza's blogger. saya kira cuma orang2x di KRL AC Bintaro-Sudirman aja yang sok cuek ngga peduli ada ibu hamil berdiri.
ternyata di MRT pun sama...:)

At 7/10/05 08:12, juz_A_ga| said...

ah yes. I think you could have asked him to let up the seat to you. You need it more than him.

I am always in awe of how pregnant women can still work and get around. It looks so difficult.....
Perhaps it's one of the reasons why I respect mothers so much. heehee!

At 20/5/07 07:23, Anonymous said...

Your RIGHT? Oh please. I mean yes, it would be polite of others to give up their seats. I would do it. However just because you're pregnant doesn't give you some inalienable right to settle your ass into a seat. You have chosen to have a child and there are times when someone sitting in a seat may have a malady that they did not choose, nor could you see. Not this guy, I'm assuming. But please, play the pregnancy card with rarity. It gives all women a bad name to act like "Stop the world! I AM PREGNANT!" Just because you can squeeze out a pup, doesn't make you any more or less deserving of social niceties than anyone else.


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