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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Keep Fiscal Policy at Departure Points Until Personal Income Tax System is Made Solid

I do not agree with this ongoing Petition:

Why do I not agree?

Before you read my reasons, please try to separate the "issues on possible vested political or selfish motives inside Dinas Pajak" from "the true conceptual ideas behind fiscal at departure."

Substantially, Indonesian fiscal policy at departure points is only a tax withholding system on Personal Income Tax; therefore it is considered "wise" to keep doing fiscal levy in order to generate overall revenue for the nation. Another point is that it is a device for controlling capital flight (let’s not get into this at the moment).

Fiscal policy at departure points, in my opinion, should be maintained and well exercised until the Personal Income Tax collection is fully implemented. It is one of the best methods of collection Personal Income Tax.

Therefore, my suggestion is for the Government to enforce the collection of Personal Income Tax so that there should not be a need to fiscal policy at departure points anymore. The Government can act immediately by informing the citizens that: “they can get their fiscal refunded when they file their Personal Income Tax” (thus, indirectly providing an incentive for people to pay tax properly).

PS: And, yes…. The solution is really that simple:

"Get the personal income tax collection process right so that there is no need for fiscal at departure"



If you want to give useful and constructive comments, please write your name or email address where I can contact you. Why? so we can clarify each other's points and learn from this discussion.

And if you complain that you are losing Rp. 1 million per exit trip, then you just have to make yourself pay the correct income tax first so that you can be eligible for a refund on your Rp. 1 million spent.


At 9/3/05 15:46, Anonymous said...

Kagak usah pake inggris2 an :

Begini ya dek kok alasan anda ini sama seperti iklan Fiskal di Bandara ya...

Ada apa gerangan ? apa bagian dari sindikat Fiskal Aspal ?

Kalau mau beresin PPH ya di beresin dong ke orang perorang kalau perlu ambil tindakan hukum bagi yang tidak melaporkan penghasilan atau seperti di negara lain tanpa keterangan dari kantor pajak kamu tak bisa bikin account di bank, ambil kredit mobil atau beli rumah.

Jangan ambil jalan pintas dengan mencegat orang di bandara dan memalaknya cuma dikasih selembar kupon. Duit 1 juta itu nggak kecil dek.
Jadi alasan yang adek kemukakan itu terang saja akala-akalan dan justru membuka tabir pemerintahan dalam hal ini kanot pajak yang nggak becus.

wong mau becus gimana bukannya nggak mau orang2 pajak ngejar orang2 yang tak mau bayar pajak penghasilan kalau perlu memenjarakannnya. Tapi Mereka tak bisa. Adik tahu kenapa ?

SEBAB kalau rakyat semua wajib bayar pajak
maka butuh modal buat memfasilitasi kebutuhan dasar rakyat sepeti contoh bikin rumah sakit negara gratis dan tunjangan2 lain. Contohnya paling deket di Malaysia nggak usah jauh2 ke eropa, berobat gratis. Sebab merekam semua bayar PPH PPN dll. yang paling nggak 20-30 persen dari gajinya.

Kantor pajak nggak mau dong ngemodalin yang gratisan kayak begitu.

Jadi ya dicari2 alasan buat cegat orang di Bandara.

Rakyat sih rela2 aja bayar PPH atau apapun kalau jelas juntrungannya. Tah kitu neng. Kamu sih punya izin menetap kagak usah bayar Fiskal, tapi saya 6 kali keluar negeri dalam setahun buat nyari sesuap nasi jadi 6 juta setahun. Padahal saya kagak cari duit dinegara sendiri, buat apa bayar pajak, lihat orang Philipina yg kerja diluar negri bebas pajak dan dianggpa pahlawan bangsa sebab bawa devisa kedalam. Saya bukannya dianggap pahlawan malah dipalakin padahal saya bawa devisa paling tidak $36,0000 US setahun murni dari luar negri. Nah kalu kalian dihabiskan dinegara orang lain tidak menghasilkan devisa.

At 9/3/05 17:57, Anonymous said...

You are an anomaly where thousands of people againts this isue. It is Obvious that you can just stand this because is involved you and or your family. You are in this scam.

You talking concept ? I am talking practical, concept can be fake but practice can't lie. It will reveal true the darkness behind the concept.

Oke it is free country, it is your "opinion" but I hate it.

BTW, I don't wan't to refund the f*** money, I consider it's been stolen.

Man... 1 in thousands. I know got to be motif behind this, oh yes.. I am pretty damn sure.

At 9/3/05 19:49, AsidoMaya said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 9/3/05 19:51, AsidoMaya said...

I took a glance of your blog and landed reading about your posting in fiscal.

I heard this fuss about fiscal and was quite astonished by your comments, though I respect anybody's point of view.

The fiscal problem and your explanation doesn't seem to have any correlation whatsoever. We're not clearing the problem by making another problems. If personal taxes are the core problems, so deal with that.

I don't know much of this tax things, but i do know that if one has an infection give him the adequate drugs and dose. Same thing with the fiscal problems.

So, I signed the petition yesterday and praying that personal taxes being taking care of and fiscal being eliminated.


At 9/3/05 19:51, AsidoMaya said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 9/3/05 19:52, AsidoMaya said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 9/3/05 19:54, AsidoMaya said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 9/3/05 20:16, Anonymous said...

By keeping up the fiscal policy, we didnt gave our money to support Nation Tax, thats the truth :p

So, for what reason should we keep the fiscal policy. Just like Singaporeans and Malaysian for example, they dont have to pay fiscal every time they cross the borders isnt it :))

= RIO =

At 9/3/05 23:37, wiwin said...

gw jg gak setuju..alesan pemerintah indo bokis banget..bisa ajeeee..

At 10/3/05 10:24, enda said...

"Get the personal income tax collection process right so that there is no need for fiscal at departure"AGREE absolutely. Please FIX it first.
In the mean time it's still not an excuse to keep taking money from people in the form of FISKAL so: hapuskan pungutan fiskal.

At 10/3/05 12:52, Priyadi said...

Saya pribadi setuju penghapusan fiskal, tapi tidak dengan alasan-alasan yang ada di petisi, lihat Tapi seperti mas indi saya setuju dengan pajak pendapatan. Menurut saya sumber utama pajak harusnya pajak pendapatan. Sedangkan pajak lainnya hanya bersifat strategis.

At 10/3/05 17:30, Wira said...

I respect your point of view, but this policy is truly irrelevant in this global era. As for the Personal Income Tax Collection, that's a different story. Anyway why don’t you tell the Dinas Pajak and us here how to fully implemented that :-D

It's interesting to have our mind opened and respect other's opinion. It is a sign of an advancing society. No need to be emotional like our Mr. Anonymous up there, hey sir I agree with you okay.. cool down, hehe..

However, I signed the petition yesterday, and spread the news through mailing lists and my blog.

Ps :
Teman Mumun ya, salam kenal :-)

At 10/3/05 17:57, Wira said...

A little more addition..

You know that Fiscal doesn't give many impact for the riches Indonesian. Every citizan must be given the same right, now it is not about money, but equality for all of our citizen by widening the way.

Business, academics, professional job seeker and many more I can't mention here will be easier to find their way. It has a potential to grow mind of many more Indonesians in long term.

And who will get the biggest benefit, definitely our beloved Indonesia.

At 11/4/05 17:31, Anonymous said...

OK, mohon maaf sebelumnya... tapi dari semua yang komentar di sini, berapa orang yang sudah punya NPWP ?


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