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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Rani Gained Strength and Noë Enjoyed Breast Milk


Last night I could not sleep, nor could Ibu Wies.

All I could think of was just Rani's survival after losing 1000 ml blood.

This morning we arrived at the "high dependency" room when Rani was in deep sleep. She looked exhausted and that was a good thing knowing the fact that she had fought hard for the last 24 hours.

Noë on the other hand, was just enjoying life in the nursery. He'd been given formulas 4 times before Rani tried to give breast milk - but Noë was just too sleepy around noon so we waited until he got hungry.

Around 5 pm Noë was brought to Rani's ward and with the help of Jane, the Filipino nurse, Rani managed to get Noë's interest in tasty breast milk. Oh yes, Rani received 2 bags x 450 ml of fresh and tasty blood type A+ from the bank.

Oh yes, we did have many visitors tonight. Let me see... we had:

Natasha and Andika around 10am,
Mas Judhi, Mbak Ami, Aily Algo and also Fauzia and Ira around noon,
Anti and Zera in the afternoon,
Femmy, Karyn and Leona at sunset,
Philip, Sandy (?), Donatus, Dimas, Mas Iwan, Mbak Oka, Niken, Elizabeth and Anthony after dinner time

But, with all due respect to my son Noë, he just did not seem interested to talk to them... I wonder why?... maybe because Rani's breast milk was the main focus of the evening for him? Maybe so... :)

Now I am writing this from home and I feel like I need a good night sleep. I am happy... happy for Rani's speedy recovery. Let's catch up with her again tomorrow.


At 18/3/05 04:02, novs said...

i'll pray for rani's speedy recovery. and indi smoga diberi ketabahan.

congrats for the new born!!!!:)

At 18/3/05 17:52, Shendy said...

congratulations to the newly parents.. semoga cepat recover yah..

salam kenal dari keluarga kami :)

At 21/3/05 14:21, jp said...

900cc itu sak gedhe silindernya Suzuki 'trungtung' ya?


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