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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Noe discovered Twin Peaks

Alrighty, then…

After a full 3-day of not knowing why Noe refused to extract milk from Rani’s breasts, it has now been concluded that Noe experienced a difficulty due to “overactive milk ejection reflex”.

What happened during the last 72 hours was causing so much stress to Rani and me. All of a sudden, Noe just went on strike beginning Tuesday, 29 March at 3:00am. Having seen him in that condition, I deliberately, and with guilt, fed him a small bottle Enfalac at 1:00pm and he was given another one inside Parent Craft’s consultation room at TMC. Ms. Wong Boh Boi and Ms. Grace cleaned up Rani's glands with Medela's robust suction machine (yes, it is a machine indeed) because they thought Noe was not able to extract the milk due to some clogging; which could be partially true, although not completely solving the case. Ms. Wong could not find a solution even after Rani had come back for the second visit the next day.

I could imagine how sad it was for Rani who had hoped for the best; mother's breastmilk. Rani felt depressed and began finding ways to avoid using teats through spoon feeding. Later in the evening, Ibu Tuti came just in time to provide support to Rani during the evening on Wednesday. Noe seemed to manage the spoon feeding quite well although not as fun as breastfeeding, of course.

Luckily my smart wife managed to find Ms. Doris Fok, an independent senior lactation expert affiliated with NUH, this morning, who was available to give Rani a full 2-hour long consultation and declared that the problem was due to hyperactive lactation inside Rani’s glandula mammae.

As a result, Rani told me that Noe was able to get on top of the mammae, positioning himself against gravity force, for a good 5 minutes. It was a big relief indeed now that Noe is being trained to climb up the big mammae mountains something that could be nicknamed "Twin Peaks", I’d say.

What a day! I had a full morning at work but a terribly sleepy afternoon in the office… with a complete satisfaction over Ms. Doris’ precise analysis.

Let’s greet Nenek Airiza tonight as she is flying back in town to help Noe get back on track…

PS: Hmm..what kind of birthday cake does Rani like? April's Fools Day is coming soon.


At 1/4/05 08:08, Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rani :)


At 1/4/05 10:43, yanti said...

happy birthday ran :)


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