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Friday, April 08, 2005

Noe's First Set of Photos Ready For Viewing

For those of you who are keen to see the most recent photo set from our humble home, please feel free to click here

Click on Noe's Nose to Launch Slideshow


At 11/4/05 17:02, Anonymous said...

Indi & Rani...
Noe really is cute...he looks more like Indi hhhmmmm...but the forehead when he frowns...with the lines..i tink it's more like Rani..hehe..but babies will change....Anyways..enjoy all the great changes he has and will show you soon...and watch out for his first ever laugh and giggle.. dat will make your heart melt!
Kisses to the little baby from
Aunty Sue & Om Yan...
not forgetting..Baby Shafiq blowing a big kiss to Noe!

At 12/4/05 08:31, Mel said...

tsk, Noe...belum sebulan udah bisa nyengir jail gitu yah?
jangan ikuti jejak bapakmu, Le :D

PS. fat-moe belum ilang ya? saingan gembilnya ama Noe.hehehe.


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