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Saturday, April 02, 2005


Perhaps you knew that Noe did a strike and baulked at nipple last week for several days. It truly broke my heart when he did not want to drink breastmilk. After three days of a "strike" and Noe couldn't nurse at all, we have been feeding him by spoon.

After two days of "strike" I came to Mrs. Doris Fok, the most senior lactation consultant in Singapore. Luckily I came to her. She was really patient and taking her time to analyse the problem thoroughly while also correcting the breastfeeding technique. She was not trying to rush to wrap up the consultation session. Her patience and empathy also comforted me and she also keeps in touch with her patients. I think she is a really good lactation consultant and I would recommend her if somebody have lactation problems. Anyway, she diagnosed me with OMER - "Overactive Milk Ejection Reflex". This simply means that the breastmilk flow was so oversupplied and overflowing that Noe became shocked by its flow and could not take it. It is not that Noe did not want to drink, but he could not handle the flow and quantity. Mrs. Doris commented that she never saw a breastmilk flow like this before, and that many people would wish that they have my problem. Indeed, both too much or too little milk is a problem of its own. OMER should be a temporary condition, and now I should use the opportunity to pile up my freezer with pumped extra milk.

But on my birthday, I received the most beautiful birthday present ever, that is, Noe started to suckle and nurse again! Yes, with Mrs. Doris' recommendation to find a feeding position that works against gravity, it seems that Noe can now handle the milk flow. I am so happy!

And Indi did a small surprise party for me at home. At midnight of 1st of April, e woke me up in the middle of my comfortable sleep. I was a bit angry because I needed to catch up some sleep while Noe is taking a break. To my surprise, the whole family was in the living room with big chocolate cake and 27 candles! I was so happy and touched by my family's lovely gesture!

And when everybody sang "Happy Birthday", Noe slept peacefully because he's full. I hope Noe would never be hungry again.

I was caught by surprise in this midnight celebration!

2 Big candles and 7 smaller candles to make up 27!

A chocolate hazelnut cake from Prima Deli makes the world go round and round...


At 2/4/05 09:47, ruthy said...

adduh senengnya si noe udah nyusu...salam kenal yaaa

At 6/4/05 13:37, vena said...

Ya ampunnnn kamu ulangtaun toh say? Aduhhh maaap aku gak tauuu!! Happy belated birhtday yaaaaa. Pasti tahun ini oke beratss deh buat lo. Wish you all happiness life can offer!


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