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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Noe and Grandpa

This week, Noe had a lot of visitors. One of them is Grandpa Busra. This is Noe with Indi and Grandpa Busra

Filed in: Grandpa? Yes indeed, Armand Busra is Rani's distant uncle, he is Rani's mom youngest cousin. The father of Rani's mom has 20 sibling, and Busra is the son of the youngest. It is complicated. But technically, a 33 year old Busra is Noe's grandfather. This is Noe with Rani and Grandpa Busra.

Furthermore, Rani actually had a distant granddaughter from her father's side. Dhinta, the daughter of Rani's distant niece Antari Smith-Foster. So, if we extend the relationship further, we can technically say that Busra is the great grandfather of Dhinta. Interestingly, Indi had actually met with Busra when Indi visited Bimo in New Orleans, way before Indi got to know Rani. Indi is actually related to Busra, because Busra's Dad is Bimo's Dad's Uncle.

The family tree is all jumbled up together.

David Johnson also visited us on his way back to US from Vietnam.


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