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Friday, September 30, 2005

Reply to Comments: Pious People and Me

Refer to the comments in the previous posting.

Dear Thal, Daisy, and Cyan, thanks for your comments and glad to know that we share the same sentiments.

The two last bloggers seem unable to read deeper beyond the text. I deliberately use a provocative and metaphoric language to test the water. It is truly interesting to see their reactions.

Dear Lia, thanks for your comment. I don't dispute the verse you cited. If you read carefully I don't even conclude those rituals as blatantly wrong. I would suggest you read between the lines. My posting was about PREJUDICE. I hope it clarifies the matter, but I won't defend myself on my religion, because my view is that it is none of your business to know about how I do my rituals etc. It is my personal business directly with God.

Dear Anonymous, firstly read my reply to Lia above.

Secondly your comment is giving a blatant example of what I was talking about above. Thank you for that. If you pay close attention without prejudice, you should be able to read that I was talking about how my appearance (of non-piety) nullifies everything I said, including things that inherently and indisputably true. It is like, you won't believe if I say "the world is round" or "leaves are green" because I do not appear pious enough for you. It is as ugly as dismissing whatever Martin Luther King says about humanity just because he is black-skinned.

Anonymous, you are free to put certain judgment on me. It is your right to call me anything - apostate, infidel, etc. But if you dismiss what I say on the basis on your judgment against me, and unable to separate that there are things that are not embedded to my attributes, then you are a prejudiced bastard.

Now that I have explained myself without metaphors and if you still don't get my point, I pity you.

(Small Summary Notes:

1. I would love to argue that you have no right to judge me, but I don't think I can do that because certain people need a firm standpoint in seeing many issues in the world. So there you go, judge me as whatever you want. But please do not prejudice against me nor deafen your ears from everything I say. I might say something that contain a seed of truth in it.

2. I won't elaborate further on how I do my rituals and how I interpret the verses and rituals in this posting because
a. It is my business directly with God and not yours
b. It is a separate issue and not directly relevant to this posting
c. It is up to each individual to choose with full conscience what rituals they want or need to do, and again, this is each individual's business with God, directly and without direct interference from others - just like you can't dictate a man to love someone.

3. Usually I would delete the last comment posted by anonymous coward who do not have the guts to say who he/she is, based on basic netiquette. But since the last comment is a clear reprensentative of blind prejudice, I would leave it there. I just pray that Anonymous can feel more secure and confident in the future.)
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At 3/10/05 15:10, Debonaire Daisy said...

Good comment on your part, especially on No.2!


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