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Friday, September 02, 2005

First Food

Today Noe started having solids. I know... i know... he's not exactly six months yet. But we couldn't bear seeing him drooling on our dinner table .. yearning to join the dinner. So we decided to give Heinz Iron Fortified Rice Cereal a try, mixed with breast milk. He seemed to enjoy it. At first it is difficult for him to catch food from spoon.

Rani and Noe went for a walk around town today. First destination is to Hany's House to meet with Indosing-mums members for Soto Betawi lunch. Then we went to Raffles Place to buy Indi's birthday present. We saw this beggar in Raffles Place, which creates an ironic scene.

Finally we went to JTC Summit to see some old friends! Siew Teen and Cindy were surprised to see how Noe had grown to become such a big baby!


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