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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Noe's Independence

Happy 60th Birthday Indonesia !! (We hope you won't be a frail old country...) BTW, it has been quite a while since the last time we updated this blog, because we went back to Indonesia for two weeks last month. As a recap, you can follow the story here:

Back to Singapore Noe started be more independent than before.

Now he always wants to sit down. He would lift his neck as a sign for me to lift him into sitting position. He would then grab my finger to hold his sitting position.


Noe also likes to be held in standing position. Mind you, we DON'T pull him into standing position. Rather, he would stick his feet on the floor (or anywhere to stick his feet on), then he would push his body up to an erect position. Our hands were merely holding his body in balance, but Noe himself dictated us on how he want to be held.



And only today, he started to want more than just sitting. He wanted to stand up just like big boys and big girls do. From sitting position, Noe would pull himself up onto standing position, with his hands bracing on to our fingers. We did not pull him! Click below for video!

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At 18/8/05 00:06, iratgh said...

Bravo Noe ! What a strong boy you are !


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