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Friday, July 22, 2005


We’re off to Bandung, through the all new Cipularang Toll Road. We’re a bit lost initially, because the road sign that leads towards Cikampek was not clear. Finally after half an hour of detour we manage to get back on track. We only spend one and a half hours from Jakarta tollgate to Bandung tollgate, before being stuck in traffic jam along Jalan Pasteur. The tollroad was not really smooth; it wasn’t really comfortable to drive on. But indeed it is faster than train.

We went to Ayam Mak Uneh in Jalan Setiabudi for lunch. Although this branch of restaurant is not as good as the one in Jalan Pajajaran, we manage to quench our thirst of Sundanese Food. We had fried chicken, deep fried fish, fried beef spleen, fried beef tripe, Fried Parkia Speciosa (a.k.a. stink bean / petai), and a bowl of Archidendron Pauciflorum Soup (a.k.a semur jengkol). Plus raw vegetable dish (lalapan) with fresh shrimp paste chili sauce (sambel terasi). Too bad we didn’t take any pictures because we were so hungry!

We went straight to Om Ungan’s house up in the Dago Pakar hills. The air was dry and cool, really comfortable. From the balcony we got a view of Bandung with the SMOG covering it. Eha, Tante Ani’s maid, serves us with tea and coffee. Tante Ani proudly shows us her collection of parrots.


Indi was really tired after driving from Jakarta to Bandung. So instead of going back to Bandung downtown we decided to just take a rest in the Pakar house.

Let us present to you, The Attack of Great Big Noe!

Bapak insulted Noe by sticking his tongue out. This made Noe very angry! Noe fought back!


First, Noe clinched both of his leg to trap Bapak’s neck!


Then, Noe pull Bapak’s nose out hard!


Then, Noe stuck his fingers inside Bapak’s nose and pull Bapak’s nose hair!


Then, Noe punched Bapak’s left eye until it became blue! Revenge is done!


At early evening, Tante and Angga came to the villa bringing food for the dinner gathering later. They brought mutton satay from Maranggi, and a whole lot from Menjangan Sariwangi food stall: fried chicken, fried tempe, fried tofu, fried petai, and my favorite chicken butt satay (each satay consists of four pieces of fried chicken butt).

Later in the evening, the whole Unpar gang arrived at the villa. You can see the pictures here in Iqbal's Yahoo Photos.


At 16/8/05 17:08, Iratgh said...

Aaaaarghh....Sundanese fooood! How I envy youuuuu....!
Btw, kalaupun berlibur di Indonesia, nggak akan berani deh aku langsung makan di luar rumah. Kuman-kuman di sini terlalu berbeda dengan di sana, jadi perutku butuh penyesuaian paling nggak seminggu dengan makan hanya masakan rumah dulu, supaya nggak kena diare dan malah merusak acara liburan. Kasihan nggak sih? Hihihi...(huhuhuuu...)


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