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Sunday, July 17, 2005


The next morning in Jakarta, Eyang Tuti took the opportunity to bathe Noe. It was a routine that she missed ever since she left Singapore a few weeks before.


One day in Jakarta, and Noe had his first severe mosquito bite (actually, mosquitos don’t bite, they puncture). Indeed, Jakarta mosquitos are ferocious.


The whole Soemardjan family, Oetomo family, and Eyang Putri drove to Parung to see the fish farm that Anggi and Om Anto took care of. This is Noe with Oma Rudy in the fish farm.. look at the cute shoes that Noe wore.


Noe loves Neo and Neo loves Noe (what confusing names!)


This gooey stuff is actually a colony of worms, used to feed the baby catfish. Ewwwwwwwwww


From the fish farm, we drove to Cibubur to see Anggi’s future home, which is a land parcel in a real estate development. The whole trip took us two and a half hours because of traffic jam. No wonder, Noe and Eyang Tuti fell asleep in the car...


In Cibubur, Neo play around together with Noe in the land parcel. Neo was a good big brother to Noe!



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