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Monday, May 09, 2005

Breastmilk Cream Soup

Today I made Cream of Carrot Soup, from my own breastmilk! The result is.. not bad..!

The soup was made from expressed breast milk that has been in the fridge for more than 48 hours and hence Noe can't drink it anymore - it's not sterile enough for his stomach. But I don't want to throw the milk away to trash! What a waste then! The milk is still good for cooking even though it is not as sterile.

The milk is creamy and rather sweet, so I did not need to add a dash of sugar to my cooking as I usually do.

Few weeks ago I discovered that Noe looks like a Chairman Mao, from this camera angle. Look at the 'bald head' and 'sideburns'

And Chairman Mao himself

And Noe has lost his neck too, the neck's all covered by his fatty face and chin!

Oh and for those of you who are still waiting (yeah.. right.. !) for my next nostalgic writing on Bandung 1978-1990, I plan to do it after this intermezzo posting. Be patient!


At 9/5/05 19:56, dodY said...

aduh.. duh.. duh... bikin gemes deh :-)

At 9/5/05 20:17, Anonymous said...

subhanallah...noe udah gede...jadi mirip rani ya?:)


At 9/5/05 21:40, iratgh said...

Bbbbbreastmilk cream souuup? Whaa...nggak pernah kepikiran olehku. Raut, kreatip amat dikau yak! Kekeekekek.. Produksi berlimpah, pantes Noe jadi endhut gitu.
Nah sekarang kerjaan kalian motretin Noe terus, iya kan?

At 10/5/05 05:16, merlyna lim said...

noe endut ya... lucu banget!
sup asi-ne rani... woah, kayak gimana tuh rasanya!?!?!

At 12/5/05 18:08, Anonymous said...

oh no.... yang boneng:D? belom pernah nyobain asi ketika udah nggak bayi lagi, hehe... kayak apa rasanya yaaaa...


At 14/9/05 18:31, Mamanya Audrey said...

Aku pernah nyobain Asi-ku sendiri, enak sih, rada manis tapi gurih gitu, cuma enggak pernah kepikiran buat bikin sop... enak gitu ? :D


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