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Friday, April 15, 2005

Noe is One Month Old

It has been one month since we've seen him for the first time.

Noe's Developments?
  • He is a bit chubbier.
  • A tad heavier.
  • A lot longer, used to fit nicely from my elbow down to forearm to the tip of my fingers but now I can't hold him the same way anymore.
Rani's Developments?
  • More blood flow
  • More breastmilk production, excess are cryogenically frozen for future research (just kidding!)
  • Less sleep but manage to get back to cooking (which I miss the most!)
Anyways, we're glad that we've managed to get everything under control for this very first month.


At 16/4/05 10:11, Askar said...

Obviously I dont know anything about a baby's development so this is definitely not my comment:

you may notice him becoming a bit more interactive this week. He'll probably begin making small sounds and wet, throaty noises. You may notice that this amuses him as much as it does you.

Just when you think he's at his cutest he's likely to surprise you with his a little smile as he slumbers. These sleep grins will quickly give way to his first interactive social smiles. Be sure to keep a camera or video camera handy to capture these wonderful faces!

He's also learning to trust this week. Each time you appear to feed, diaper or comfort him you're helping to reinforce the idea that you will be there to meet his needs. Continue to follow his schedule, whatever it may be. He'll soon learn that he can depend on you whenever he needs assistance or just a quick little hug.

At 18/4/05 09:50, yanti said...

hi ran.. makasih buat dukacita & doanya.. sorry kemaren itu YM gue langsung putu sgitu, gak sempet pamitan ama elo.. if you don't mind dan masih nyimpen nomer gue, smsin no hp elo dong say.. thx :X

At 19/4/05 04:49, Natalia Elok said...

Aduh lutuna,..
gemess banget. Indi, tetep upload terus foto-foto Noe yah, supaya kami bisa lihat2x terus terus terus perkembangannya. Thomas also says hello for you all, famiy Indradi. Kami terus membaca updating news tentang kalian.
Love, keluarga Mjøsund di Stjørdal.


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